Jeongeup Cultural Center

  • Jeongeup Cultural Center
  • Jeongeup Cultural Center

The Jeongeup Cultural Center works toward the development, preservation, distribution, and passing down of the regional culture, the survey and study of regional histories and the information collection, study, distribution, and preservation of regional events. A variety of businesses for the development of a regional society, such as culture, social education and environment preservation, trade with other cities both in Korea and abroad.


  • 1 Jogokcheon 1-gil, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do

Main Businesses

  • Attractions
  • History Lectures
  • Jeongeup-si Traditional Game Competition
  • Class of Respecting Olds
  • Publication of Beautiful Jeongeup
  • Operation of Culture School


  • Cultural School
  • History & culture theater
  • Saemgol-Eunbit (Silvery) General Performing Arts