Udo Korean farming music lesson hall

  • Udo Korean farming music lesson hall
  • Udo Korean farming music lesson hall

Traditional farming music involves a variety of different components of music, dance, and acting, as well as content that varies by region. The genre itself is divided into Utdari Farming Music, Yeongdong Farming Music, Honam Farming Music, and Yeongnam Farming Music. Of these sub-genre, Honam Farming Music is the largest category and is divided, as well, by the Right Land Farming Music of the area near the southeastern coast and the Left Land Farming Music of the mountain areas. Farming music, the most popular yet most humble and earthy music for Koreans, is a group performance with the largest scale in the traditional cultural arts. With the most basic of musical instruments and tunes, this unique and complex traditional Korean art form creates a joyful feeling. Records have shown that the Jeungsan religious group (Founder: Jeung-San Gang), an influential group in the 1894 Gabo Donghak Farmers' Revolution, took interest in the Jeongeup Farming Music. In the 1920s, the Bocheon religious organization (Founder: Gyeong-Seok Cha. Daeheung-ri Ibam-myeon Jeongeup-si) appraised the music as being one suitable for religious use. Farming musicians have worked hard to develop the farming music genre. From the time, Honam Right Land Farming Music had been started to get frame. The musicians in those days who led Jeongeup Right Land Farming Music in the areas of the Honam south east land (Jeongeup, Gochang, Buan, Gimje, Iksan, Gunsan, Yeonggwang, Hampyeong, Naju, and Mokpo, and Gwangju) are

  • Iron : Do-Sam Kim, Gang-Rae Kim, Seong-Geun Park, Du-Ok Shin, I-Seob Jeon, Sa-Jong Jeon, Nam-Sik Park, Pan-Soi Hyeon..
  • Korean Drums : Hong-Jip Kim, Bong-Mun Lee, Gi-Seong Shin, Myeong-Sik Lee, Sa-Seop Jeon, Jeong-Beom Lee, Byeong-Seop Kim, Dong-Won Lee, Gye-Dong...
  • Chaesang : O-Dong Jeong, Nam-Yun Baek, Pan-Ok Han, Gi-Hwan Ju, Yu-Bong Hong...
  • Goggalsogo : Jae-Gi Gwon, Hong-Geun Gwon.

This is the base region of the Right Farming Music sub-genre and many people in the industry have been finding ways to boost the awareness of the Jeongeup Farming Music, as well. Through the center, Jeongeup Farming Music has been rising to the top since the 1980s based on the great lectures of such instructors as Ji-Hwa Yu and Song-Su Kim as well as by the building of learning centers.

Facilities for Usage

  • Location : 498-9, Jeongeupsa-ro, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Display Room : 1 Room (125.6204㎡), 1 Lounge (26.77698㎡)
  • Residents : 3 Rooms(27.76872㎡, 20.16538㎡, 31.4051㎡)
  • Cooking Room : 1 Room (14.8761㎡)
  • Practice Room : 4 Rooms(69.75238㎡, 69.75238㎡, 35.04148㎡, 39.6696㎡)
  • Large Practice Room : 1 Room(257.52182㎡)
  • Shower Rooms : 1 each room for men and women (75.04166㎡)