Jeongeup Statium

  • Jeongeup Statium
  • Jeongeup Statium
Jeongeup Statium
Location 138-5, Seobusaneopdo-ro, Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do
Establisher/Operator Facilities Management Office of Jeongeup-si
Size Land 75,880㎡ Floorage 881㎡
Main Facilities
  • Stadium, Waiting Rooms for athletes, Change Room
    • Stadium (43,300㎡) Lawn Stadium, Uretan Track, Electric Lights, the Flameholder (for Olympic), 12,031 seats
    • Parking Lots for 540 cars
Capacities 15,000 people
Main Functions Outer Sports Facilities like soccer and track and field, Outside Performance, Events, Sports Events for Companies/Organization, Proper place for photo-taken for various images
Special Points With equipped electric facilities, evening matches are available
Process of Applying for Usage
  • The 3 Amendment of clause of Sports Facilities Operation and Management of Jeongeup-si
    • 1.Those who like to use sports facilities without share: You can use after applying three days before and get an allowance.
    • 2. Those who like to use sports facilities: You can use with charge.
      *Acceptance of Application : Sports Facilities Team in Culture and Sports Department (in the National Sports of All Center)