Baek Jeong-gi Memorial Hall

Ninth Scenic Views of JeongeupBaek Jeong-gi Memorial Hall

The martyr Gupa Baek Jeong-gi was born in Dongjin-myeon, Buan-gun in 1896 and moved to Yeongwon-myeon in 1907, where he spent his childhood. He joined the independence movement in Gyeongseong in 1920 and actively engaged in the independence movement in North Manchuria from 1930. He planned the Yuksamjeong Patriotic Deed in Hongkou, Shanghai in 1933 but the plan was disclosed before it was carried out. He was arrested and confined in Japan’s Janggi Prison and died for the country in 1934. As one of three patriotic martyrs in Korea’s independence movement history, his remains were brought to Korea in 1946 and laid to rest in Hyochang Park, Seoul.

Baek Jeong-gi Memorial Hall opened in June of 2004 to commemorate the 70th year of his death. The Memorial Hall includes a Patriotic Martyr Hall enshrining the portrait of patriotic martyr Baek Jeong-gi, the Gupa Memorial Hall, Cheonguidang, Uiyeolmun Gate and Sunguimun Gate all on the area of 20,850㎡.