Gujeolcho Festival

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Jeongeup Gujulcho (Siberian chrysanthemum) Festival

  • Early October
  • Gujeolcho theme park (571 Maejuk-ri Sannae-myeon Jeongeup-si Jeonlabuk-do)

Maejuk-ri, Sannae-myeon, Jeongeup-si 「Gujeolcho Theme Park」 This plant was named Gujeolcho because it grows into nine nodes by the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar. Gujeolcho Theme Park is covered with the flowers every fall.
The Gujeolcho Festival is held in October every year under the theme of "a slow tour with Gujeolcho in the pine forest." Visitors can enjoy the scenery of the Theme Park, filled with Gujeolcho flowers.